One thought on “park”

  1. one day. I went to an amusement park. I go there by bike. I play mazes there
    1. One day 首字母大写
    2,day 后面应该是逗号。
    3. I go there 应该改为过去式 I went there
    4. I play 必须是过去式 I played

    Revision by the bloger:
    On saturday, I went to an amusement park. I went there by bike. There are chestnuts. So I went to play, my mother went to bick chestnuts
    1. saturday 必须是大写 Saturday
    2. chestnuts 是一种游戏吗?如果是,必须说明是一种游戏,否则别人很困惑。意思是旁边有板栗卖?那要改为 There was a vendor selling chestnuts. 这样意思才明白。
    3. bick 错别字

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