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从1991到2008年我的工作中美国森林服务组织。如果森林有大火,一些天或是星期我的工作是野地消防员。美国森林服务组织给两个野地消防员一所帐蓬。我很快想买了我一所亲身的帐蓬(看到照片)。我买了一点人的帐蓬,可是这帐蓬所太小。然后我买了两个人的帐蓬,是很好。我的帐蓬是 Moss 厂牌的帐蓬。它是 9.6 磅或大约 4.5 公斤,不是沉甸甸。可是现在 Moss 公司没有生存。别公司做相近帐蓬。

From 1991 to 2008, I worked for the US Forest Service. If there was a forest fire, I would work as a wildland firefighter for a few days or weeks. The US Forest Service provided tents to firefighters but two people had to share one tent. I wanted to buy my own tent as soon as possible (see the photo). I bought a tent for one people, but it was too small. Then I bought a tent for two people, which worked very well. My tent was a Moss brand tent. It weighs 9.6 pounds or about 4.5 kilograms, so it is not heavy. However, the Moss company went out of business. Other companies do make similar tents.


这篇是我的自我介绍!我是69岁美国人。2004年我不能说,“你好”。可是我想跟中国人聊天,不用翻译人。我现在用拼音写中文,不用电脑的翻译。 我写中文很快可是不非常好。从2014到2019年我四个次在中国看看。

This is my self-introduction. I’m a 69 year old American. In 2004, I could not say, “你好” or “Hello” in Chinese. But I wanted to talk with Chinese people without using an interpreter. I’m currently using pinyin to write Chinese and am not using computer translation. I can write Chinese very fast, but not very well. I visited China four times from 2014 to 2019.

I did not invent the name Sedgehead. Botanists call people who study sedges “sedgeheads” in the same way that people who work on motors are called “motorheads.” I don’t know another word that uses “heads” in this way. I had been called a sedgehead when I started studying sedges in 1991, and decided in 1995 it would be a unique name on the internet! So, I just started using it.