Write to me, and learn mandarin

Good morning. 同学, my name is Julian Luo, the owner of inMountains, it seems this is the first time you are here. You are not registered, click here to register.

inMountains School, Hunan Changsha
Are you a native English speaker

‘);}”> (我是中国人)

Would you like to learn Mandarin


‘);}”> (No)

On the other hand, would you like to make some money

No problem, maybe later.

‘);}”> (I am too busy for that.) Is that you, or your family/friends who may want to learn Chinese

‘);}”> (my family)

Have you visited China before

‘);}”> (no)

How to make money by editing posts submitted by the other English learners

  1. Click [Posts] on the top menu, and read the English posts from other users/students.
  2. Try to use the comment form to post your editing/writing suggestions.
  3. Upload a Wechat pay-receiving QR code, for other users to donate to you.
  4. Post your own profile in both English and Chinese, and tell them how much you would charge if they want to hire you as an English teacher.

Who are we

inMountains is an online school, focusing on teaching English, and Chinese language, we hire people like you to teach Chinese students, and hire English speakers living in China to teach Mandarian. We are based in Hunan Changsha.

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