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这篇是我的自我介绍!我是69岁美国人。2004年我不能说,“你好”。可是我想跟中国人聊天,不用翻译人。我现在用拼音写中文,不用电脑的翻译。 我写中文很快可是不非常好。从2014到2019年我四个次在中国看看。

This is my self-introduction. I’m a 69 year old American. In 2004, I could not say, “你好” or “Hello” in Chinese. But I wanted to talk with Chinese people without using an interpreter. I’m currently using pinyin to write Chinese and am not using computer translation. I can write Chinese very fast, but not very well. I visited China four times from 2014 to 2019.

I did not invent the name Sedgehead. Botanists call people who study sedges “sedgeheads” in the same way that people who work on motors are called “motorheads.” I don’t know another word that uses “heads” in this way. I had been called a sedgehead when I started studying sedges in 1991, and decided in 1995 it would be a unique name on the internet! So, I just started using it.